Zomer Expo 2011


I entered this piece into the Summer Exhibition that’s being held for the first time this year, and it made the selection.

“The Dutch art world gains a new tradition! The foundation ArtWorlds in cooperation with the Hague Municipal Museum launched  the summer exhibition 2011. Following the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London and the Canvas Collection in Belgium, The Netherlands will also have its own summer exhibition by open registration. Registrations are received from across the country. In total, over 2450 people are participating with around 4750 works of art. Based on the three classic genres ‘portrait’, ‘still life’ and ‘landscape’, the exhibition will reflect the arts in the Netherlands in full range without distinguishing between the established and non-established art world. There are two rounds. The 250 works that will pass both rounds will be displayed in the Summer Exhibition in the Municipal Museum in The Hague (9 juli t/m 14 augustus 2011)”

For more information: http://www.zomerexpo2011.nl/over-zomerexpo

I will attend the exhibition opening so I hope to see you there. I can guarantee you there are some amazing works of art selected.